FLYGRUBS - Why Are They So Great?

grubs for chickens

They may not look very appealing to you or me, but from a chickens point of view, FLYGRUBS seem as tasty as your favorite home-cooked meal. The texture is like a crisp corn and a small handful provides calcium, protein, and healthy fats. I hope you enjoy these top 5 reasons to feed FLYGRUBS to your chickens. *FLYGRUBS are dried black soldier flies


Scientists have designed every nutrient range in layer feed for the average chicken. While many chickens work well within those ranges there are plenty of hens who need more, and sometimes less. FLYGRUBS add at least 50x more calcium to a laying hens diet than mealworms while still providing similar levels of protein (50% on average). Because hens have a remarkable way of regulating their own calcium levels, FLYGRUBS should be fed separate from the layer feed, and scattered on the ground of the coop. This allows hens that know they need more calcium, to pick it up on their own. *If you girls are currently eating mealworms, give them some time and they will surely come around to this delicious new treat. Your family will taste the difference!

A Handful is All They Need

FLYGRUBS are not a meal. They are a feed additive. A small handful is enough to help boost their calcium, healthy fat and protein intake. Since layer feeds all contain protein and calcium, don’t go overboard when you feed your ladies.

Protein Power

Humans eat eggs because they are a great source of protein. FLYGRUBS on average contain nearly 50% protein! Protein helps chickens grow lustrous plumage to keep them warm in winter. If you’re a backyard chicken farmer, give those hens what they want! Here is another article with a few more ideas for great feed additives and healthy treats.

Molting Season

That time of year, typically in the autumn and spring, when your girls stop producing eggs, lose their feathers and need extra protein in their diet to help grow their feathers back. During this time your girls' immune system will be reduced, so it’s essential that you supplement their diet with black soldier flies, to help them through this difficult season.

They Will Love You MORE

It’s that simple. Grubs for chickens are the perfect treat! Not only do FLYGRUBS improve the flavor and size of a hen’s eggs, but they are also known to increase the love between farmers and their flocks! It’s a win-win, and your family will taste the difference in every bite.

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