Save Money on Chicken Feed!

How? It's Simple! Fermenting

It promotes health in our diet and that’s not up for debate. The sad truth is its absence has now been recognized as a serious flaw in the system. But I don’t want to rant about that. Let’s dive into it!

For all the benefits that fermentation provides to humans, there are just as many when it comes to the positive impacts of fermenting your chicken’s feed. For starters it helps aid in digestion, strengthens the immune system and both maintains and multiplies vitamin content and just as the title says! It saves you money!

Seeds and Grains

They sure have a lot of pros, but sadly they also have cons. They’re designed with mechanisms to preserve the vital proteins, minerals and fats, but those mechanisms equate to bad news after being ingested because they are anti-nutrients, blocking our ability to absorb the nutrition we’ve given ourselves.

Here’s the trick …

You can diffuse that blockade by soaking them in liquid and it begins to release all those inhibiting enzymes and phytates so that the nutritive content becomes available to the consumer. Basically, this means that if your chickens eat fermented seeds, grains and nuts are getting more of the health benefits they provide.

Increased nutrition = Less consumption = Lower feed costs

This is going to sound obvious, but soaking seed or gain will result in increased weight and volume, and because the food is absorbed better, the chickens actually eat less. The chickens will get much healthier from their food, and you will spend less on feed because they just don’t eat as much. Fermentation helps thwart pathogens, increases shell resistance and egg weight. Essentially you’re improving the health of the bird, so it improves the health of the eggs.

Here is an easy the easy to follow steps for fermenting foods.

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