A flock of chickens adores flygrubs, a premium chicken feed additive

Two Americans with a Global Reach

As Americans, (Maine and Wyoming) Matthew and I care deeply about three things... Family, Healthy Chickens, and the Environment. We work closely with our farms and farmers to ensure our grubs stay healthy, USA FDA APPROVED and economical, for our beloved customers and feathered friends.

The highest quality dried BSFL available in the US

Our golden grubs are not only more nutrient dense than all the others on the market, FLYGRUBS come in a resealable bag made from recycled plastic, that’s CAREFULLY PACKED into a box to ensure you don't receive broken and small pieces! We truly care about every detail and strive to give the best experience to our customers.


Flygrubs is a chicken food brand that caters to hobby chicken keepers, offering high-quality chicken food for their feathered friends. Our two primary products include black soldier fly (BSF) larvae and mealworms, which provide a nutritious and protein-packed diet for the chickens. These chicken food products are available in various sizes, ensuring that the hobby chicken keepers can choose the appropriate quantity for their hens. We also offer BSF larvae for pet reptiles. The products are available for purchase as a one-time purchase or as a subscription. With a focus on providing healthy and well-balanced diets for chickens, Flygrubs is an excellent choice for hobbyists who are passionate about hen keeping.