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FLYGRUBS® are Black Soldier Fly Larvae – a high-protein hen treat with 85x more calcium than dried mealworms. FLYGRUBS BSFL are also sustainable, organic grain free feed and naturally support your hens immune system.


FLYGRUBS are nutrient dense and contain, on average, 85x more calcium than mealworms, about 40% crude protein and about 27% crude fat. Other than growing your own larvae (which we encourage people to do), our grubs are your best option for your girls, bar none.


FLYGRUBS are raised on traceable pre-consumed food waste, such as fruits, vegetables and grains, that would otherwise go to a landfill.

Did you know, food waste in landfills produces methane, and negatively affects the climate about 20x worse than carbon dioxide? Studies show as low as 3% of food waste is recycled worldwide. By choosing to raise our FLYGRUBS on foodwaste, we’re providing a sustainable earth friendly product that we feel really good about, and you can too.

A chicken was fed flygrubs premium chicken feed additive


As Americans, we specifically chose to raise FLYGRUBS on farms in China because of its advanced methods and centuries of experience in producing insects. It's also why we can offer the highest quality BSFL available in the US at affordable prices. We closely monitor each phase of the BSF lifecycle to ensure quality and consistency for our customers and follow strict regulatory standards, enforced by US regulatory agencies (like the FDA). PLEASE do your homework to make sure that “Made in the USA” tag isn’t just a marketing ploy used to inflate your grub's price.


FLYGRUBS help prevent egg deformation and promote stronger eggshells. They’re a natural molting supplement which promotes healthier feathers & speeds up the molting process to allow hens to regain energy and normal egg output levels.


85x MORE Calcium (2-5%) than dried mealworms.
Calcium supplement and healthy hen feed. Promotes happy hen eggs with stronger eggshells.


Unlike dried mealworms, FLYGRUBS act as natural chicken supplements
to speed up chicken molting.


All natural dried insects chicken feed, preservative and additive free, adult chicken feed diet supplement and treat. Perfect for grain free chicken feed.


More essential nutrients than dried mealworms for chickens.
35-40% Protein, 25-30% healthy fat, 2-5% Calcium, Phosphorus, Fiber, Lysine & Dietary Fat.


Feed this backyard chicken feed, by the handful or scatter on the ground
to encourage foraging for food.

The sustainable + clean making of FLYGRUBS®

A Healthier Choice

Would you agree that HEALTHIER IS BETTER? FLYGRUBS are NUTRIENT DENSE and contain Lauric Acid aka healthy fats, with strong antimicrobial properties to help prevent and FIGHT BACTERIA, and other infections. Unfortunately, mealworms contain lowly calcium levels, no Lauric Acid and sadly aren’t as healthy as BSFL.

Sensible Premium Treats

Flygrubs are an all-natural, premium chicken feed additive & molting supplement for layer hens. Backyard farmers want what’s best for our ladies, and when we consider the cost of alternative protein & calcium supplements, FLYGRUBS makes sense. We always recommend feeding in conjunction with a balanced layer feed.

The Earth Thanks You

We’re turning food waste destined for landfills into hen treats. Food waste in landfills produces methane that negatively affects the climate (about) 20x worse than carbon dioxide. Studies show as low as 3% of food waste is recycled worldwide! Our grub worms are a renewable feed additive, raised on traceable food and organic waste.

Farmers That Care

We’re AMERICANS and care deeply about three things. Our families, our chickens, and our environment. Every step of the way, we work very closely with our farms and farmers to ensure our grubs stay healthy, USA FDA APPROVED and economical. FLYGRUBS are also a great snack for ducks, songbirds, turtles, and reptiles

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100x better than mealworms! 

This product is waaaay better than mealworms!
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