Are your chickens ready for Spring?

Is your Spring Chicken Checklist in order? See our trip below and be sure to share with your BYC friends! Just a few simple preparations can make all the difference.

First things first, make sure you have your gloves and mask. It’s going to get dusty and most likely smelly. Next, remove everything from the coop. This means everything! Next, grab a paint scraper and scrape all the dried leftovers away. Don’t forget to look for cobwebs. Once all the bits are scraped off, sweep them to the floor are removed from the coop. Don’t forget to think twice before throwing the bedding away. That can be used as compost in the garden!

Once everything has been cleared out, get your coop clearer, a bucket and brush to and start scrubbing away. We love to use our all natural blend because we can make it at home and don’t mind the smell. If you make the blend with hot water it will ensure that you kill away all the mites that might be thinking they will survive this coop cleanse.

Now on to the perches and nesting trays. We do this after the coop so that it can dry a bit before we tackle it one more time. That way, we give everything a twice over because our girls deserve it. Once everything has been scrubbed we hose it down lightly and let it all dry out before putting everything back in. You should do this early on a sunny day so you can be sure everything has time to dry out before the sun sets in the evening.

Once everything in the coop has dried add some bedding into the nesting boxes and your girls will be happy as ever. Happy hens happy life!

Be sure to sprinkle a trail of FLYGRUBS® back to the coop for your girls to follow. They will be so pleased when they see their fresh new home.

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