Who's Protecting Your Flock?

It doesn’t matter whether you live in the country, suburbs or an urban area there are always predators that can harm our flocks. Below we have created a helpful list that we like to call the Predator Prevention List. Take a few minutes to read it make sure you’re doing all you can to keep your hens safe.

Focus 1: Easy access to the flock, egg, vermin and chicken feed. All of these will spark the interest of predators and need to be the main focus for all chicken parents.

Protection Aids

  • Guard dogs - Coop dog or flock friends as I like to call them will protect you girls with great pride. Certain breeds, like Great Pyrenees and Maremma Sheepdogs are our favorites but we have had plenty of rescues that do a wonderful job.
  • Burrow proof coop - You can do this with a mesh floor that is attached at the base of the chicken coop or run or build a coop has a solid concrete, bricks, or timber base.
  • Protect all entry points - We use strong 10 x 10mm gauge galvanized mesh at all ventilation points.
  • Electric fencing and sensor lights- If you have the budget, an electric fence and some sensor lights can be a great predator deterrent. Lights scare them off and once the bad guys get shocked a time or two they will start to associate your girls with unpleasant experiences and likely won’t return.
  • Secure nesting boxes - Make sure your coop has nesting boxes that are only accessible by a human hand.
  • Secure the chicken feed - An automatic chicken feeder is the best way to reduce the feed spillage that attracts rats and mice. Making sure your stored feed is kept in a secure drum and remove leftover food from the run at night to prevent vermin and predators from sniffing around.
  • Strategic plants - Plant mint, lemon balm, catnip and lavender around your coop to help deter pests, rats, and mice.
  • Rooster security - Roosters naturally protect their ladies from threats. The safety of his hen harem is a rooster's number one priority and will ensure your girls are warned of any incoming predator threat and can make their way to safety.

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