Where to Buy Black Soldier Fly for Chicken Feed?

Insect feeds are chickens' favorite treat. One such healthy insect treats creating a buzz in the chicken feed market is black soldier fly larvae. If you are not aware of what it is and how to get a black soldier fly, this blog is for you. 

Chickens peck at and eat insects voluntarily during their entire lifecycle. Insect feed is well known for improving their welfare, and the chitin from the exoskeleton has shown a positive impact on their immune system. Therefore, some insect feeds like maggots, mealworms, and earthworms are a go-to option for chicken feed. 

However, given the high nutritional content and affordable price of dried BSFL, many poulterers wonder how to get black soldier fly larvae for their chickens. 

But before we get to that, let's understand what the black soldier fly is and why should you get it? 

What is Black Soldier Fly?

The black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens or BSF) is a non-pest insect, a species originating from South America. It is now present across temperate climates in America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. Its name comes from the color of the adult flies, which are black with metallic reflections.

Black soldier fly larvae have high nutritional properties and efficiency in disposing of organic wastes. In addition, these insects neither bite nor sting and contain various antimicrobial properties that help break down the bacteria in their feed. Are you wondering how they are beneficial for your chickens? Let's find out.

Why Should You Buy Black Soldier Fly for Your Chickens?

The black soldier fly larvae have many positive impacts on the overall health of your chickens. Here's why you should make them a part of your chickens' diet:

1) Powerhouse of Energy

The black soldier fly larvae have a habit of consuming food rapidly in 5 min bursts, as 44% of the time, they are near food. As a result, when you feed BSFL to your chickens, you feed them all that stored energy, which keeps them active throughout the day.

2) Rich in Protein

Your chickens need an adequate amount of protein for healthy muscle growth. Moreover, they need it the most when they are in their molting phase. The black soldier fly larvae are rich in protein with 40% of crude protein content, which helps your chickens grow new, healthy feathers. 

3) Non-Invasive Insects

Unlike mosquitoes, houseflies, or other insects, the black soldier fly larvae do not transmit or spread any diseases, making them safe for storage and consumption. 

4) Easy to Feed

The black soldier fly larvae are known as the piranhas of the insect world. This is because they can eat anything and everything, from decaying organic matter to organic waste to manure. As a result, they are super helpful in recycling the food waste that would otherwise end up in landfills. 

Feeding them kitchen scraps and coffee grounds boosts their metabolism. However, they have a limited ability to digest animal meat and fat. In short, they are easy to feed and do not demand special preparations.

5)Balanced Nutritional Values

Your flock needs all the essential nutrients for healthy growth and consistent production. The black soldier fly larvae have all the nutrients: protein, fiber, calcium, fat, phosphorus, sodium, and magnesium. Calcium and phosphorus help maintain bone strength, fiber helps with a healthy digestive system, fat provides energy, and other essential elements boost gut health.

6) Richest Organic Protein Food

You can set up your own black soldier fly larvae farm without being concerned about their feed or harvesting. All you need to do is keep them in a bucket, away from sunlight, provide their organic waste as feed, and they will do the rest. 

As a result, you can check how many flies you want at once and let the larvae harvest as soon as you need more. These insects are self-rivaling, fresh, and organic chicken feed for your flock. 

7) Boosts Active Behavior

Feeding black fly larvae to your flock helps with a positive increase in their dynamic behaviors. As a result, your chickens spend more time walking, foraging, and standing. This change can be noticed better in boilers and chickens at an early growth stage. 

8) Other Health Benefits

The benefits of black fly larvae do not end here. They are a helpful supplement for chickens during weather changes and in times of stress. The black fly larvae meals are scientifically proven to help boilers gain weight and boost their immune system. It is wondrous that they also help improve survival against diseases like intestinal tract hemorrhage, anemia, and typhoid. 

How to Get Black Soldier Fly?

Now that you know how beneficial these insects can be for your flock, you must figure out how to get black soldier fly at an affordable price. The cost of the black soldier fly depends on its quality, processing, and nutritional value. Furthermore, you must always buy it from a reliable source.

Fly Grubs is one of the most reliable sources to buy your chickens' black soldier fly larvae online. Their black soldier fly price per kg is affordable and the best for your chickens. In addition, their grubs are all-natural, contain zero additives, and are FDA approved. 

If you want to feed your chicken the best quality treats, Fly Grubs is what you need. It contains 40% crude protein, 85x more calcium than alternative insect feeds, and other essential nutrients such as 25% crude fat, 2-5% fiber, lysine, and phosphorus. 

The best part? Their golden grubs are raised on traceable pre-consumer food waste, including fruits, vegetables, and grains. Their care for the environment does not end here. Fly Grubs comes in a resealable package made from recycled plastic, making it a completely sustainable, earth-friendly product.

What are you waiting for? Place your order for a pack of Fly Grubs all-natural, dried black soldier fly larvae for your chickens today. If you have any queries, reach out to them at emily@flygrubs.com

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