How to Save Money on Chicken Feed?

How to Save Money on Chicken Feed?

Do you think you are paying a high chicken feed cost than what you pay for their eggs? Luckily, these seven easy ideas will help you save on your chicken feed cost.

Often people realize that they have to spend a significant amount on commercial chicken feed to provide their flocks with a healthy diet. But what they fail to note is that there is an abundance of free chicken food available around them. 

They need to look in the right places and use them efficiently. Most of the available solutions are very cheap and require next to zero work from you. So, you can stop wondering how to reduce feed costs in poultry. Here’s how you can save a significant sum on your chicken feed cost in just seven simple ways.

7 Easy Ways to Save Money

You can reduce your chicken feed costs considerably when you combine or use all of the below-given ways. So let’s take a closer look at them.

1) Let Your Flock Free Range

Although free-ranging is not possible for everyone, it is one of the easiest ways to save money. Allow your chickens to roam around your yard if you can. Grazing freely will greatly help add supplements to their diet, help control bug populations, and keep them from getting bored. 

They will be able to search for food on their own, like insects, berries, grubs, and greens to fill their stomachs. Furthermore, chickens that are left free to roam around from time to time have a higher amount of other vitamins and minerals like Vitamins B, D, A, Potassium, and Sodium. 

2) Mix Your Own Chicken Feed

Commercial feeds can be expensive, leading to bills with a high chicken feed cost. Therefore, it is advised to buy separate grains and ingredients from mills or chicken feed bulk suppliers.

Bulk chicken feed prices will save you a lot of money in the long run. You can mix the feed accordingly at home and control how much to feed your chickens. Furthermore, you can also check with the local farmers in or near your area. Sometimes they hold older grains that aren’t fit for human use but would be excellent for your flock.

3) Feed Kitchen Scraps</h3>

Feeding kitchen scraps to chickens is an age-old practice. This helps prevent food waste. Some scraps can even provide a boost of nutrients when they cannot forage for themselves. You can save the pieces of bread, cooked meat, fruits, grains, vegetables, squash, and starch for your flock. 

Just give them kitchen scraps in moderation, as too many of these threats can affect their health. Another tip! If you have any dusty bits of pellets or grains that your chickens aren’t eating, you can mix them with liquid waste like oils or juice into a paste that your hens will devour.

4) Keep a Garden

It is good to have a growing garden or have extra space to grow your food sources. This will save you a significant part of your chicken feed cost too. Growing food sources doesn’t mean that you must provide a complete food source; it just means supplementing with things that you can quickly grow on the side. There are two ways to do this - growing a chicken garden or growing feed grains and seeds.

5) Grow Sprouts and Fodder

Sprouting grains increases their nutrient and vitamin content which helps boost the protein content slightly. This is an excellent supplement for chicken feed. You can also water these seeds for a longer duration and grow fodder, which is beneficial for your flock. 

Sprouts are rich in chlorophyll and beta-carotene, which results in darker yolks and more nutritious eggs. This will be like year-round access to fresh green food regardless of weather conditions. 

6) Feed Healthy Treats

You can quickly provide low-cost, high-protein fresh feed to your chicken. Shocked? As difficult as it may sound, growing black soldier fly larvae is the best natural protein source and tasty treat for your chickens. 

You can either purchase them from local stores at affordable prices or harvest them yourselves. The best part? Raising them involves no or less work and money from your end as these insects harvest themselves. In addition, you need to provide feed (any general feed, including food waste, biomass, grains, etc., will do. They do not require special feed to grow) and some shade. 

7) Search Around for Best Prices

Several sites and chicken feed bulk suppliers offer chicken feed for sale. If you buy from sites like amazon or any other e-pantry, you’ll have to pay higher due to shipping costs. However, it will save you a lot of money if you consider buying it from nearby local stores or independent brands online.

Buy Chicken Feed At Affordable Price

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What’s more? Fly Grubs are raised on pre-consumer food waste like fruits, vegetables, grains, etc., which would otherwise be dumped in a landfill. It comes in a resealable package made from recycled plastic, making it a genuinely earth-friendly product that you can be proud of. What can be better than so many advantages in one pack at a highly affordable price?

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