13 Reasons Why You Should Try The Black Soldier Fly in 2022

Not sure whether you should feed the black soldier fly larvae to your chicken? Think no more! In this blog, we will walk you through 13 reasons to feed your flock dried black soldier fly larvae and the best soldier fly larvae for sale.  

Various chicken treats are available in the market. However, the dried black soldier fly larvae for sale are gaining popularity. It is becoming the go-to snack feed for chickens for various good reasons. But why should you feed them to your chickens, and how do you find the best black soldier fly larvae for sale? Let’s find out.

13 Reasons to Try The Black Soldier Fly Larvae

Looking for Black Soldier Fly Larvae for Your Flock?

1) Treating Biological Waste

The black soldier fly larvae play a vital role in solving issues related to high volumes of biological wastes. They are potent recyclers of various types of waste such as food waste, abattoir waste, human feces, etc. According to a study, BSFL has a remarkable ability (75%) for recycling biological wastes. It can produce 800 g of larval biomass from 4 kg of garbage. 


2) Good Source of Protein

Protein is an essential part of a balanced diet for growing healthy chickens and for hens to lay consistently. Black soldier fly larvae are a good source of protein containing 40% protein. 


The chicken feathers contain approximately 91% protein (keratin), 1% lipids, and 8% water. Therefore, protein in black soldier fly larvae is beneficial for your chickens, especially during their molting phase, helping grow new healthy feathers.  


3) Optimal Calcium to Phosphorus Ratio

The optimal calcium to phosphorus ratio in chicken feed is essential for their bone structure and overall health. The live black soldier fly larvae for sale have the perfect phosphorus to calcium ratio that helps your hens produce high-quality eggs.


4) Packed With Energy

The black soldier fly larvae have a prominent habit of eating until they hit the pupal stage. They do so to fatten themselves up to store the food and use it later in the final stage of their lifecycle. You will be surprised to know that they eat twice the size and weight of their body. Hence they grow at a hugely accelerated rate. So when you feed them your chicken, you are providing them with the benefit of all that energy.


5) Clean to Consume

Black soldier flies have digestive processes that kill any bacteria they find in their food. 

Their waste is considered sanitary, which means they are a clean and hygienic food source for your flock. 


6) Fast Reproduction Rate

The adult flies lay around 200 to 600 eggs altogether into the ground. Further, when grown for commercial purposes, their hatch-to-harvest period lasts for less than 15 days, and the cycle begins again. Hence, the fast reproduction rate.  


7) Easy to Farm

The black soldier fly larvae hate light. So, all you need to do is provide them with a bucket with some shade, and they will harvest themselves. 


Considering this, you can set up your own black soldier fly farm, control the number of flies you have at once, and harvest the larvae as soon as you can. This way, you can provide the freshest and richest organic protein food to your chicken.


8) Non-Invasive Insects

Unlike so many other insects, for example, mosquitoes and house flies, the black soldier fly larvae do not spread or transmit any disease. Furthermore, they do not bite or sting, making them harmless and safe to store. 


9) Short Life Span

The black soldier flies undergo a complete metamorphosis. Their life cycle can last around 40 to 45 days in the wild. However, if you harvest them for commercial purposes, the life cycle can last less than 15 days. This makes them one of the most economical insects to raise.


10) Balanced Nutritional Value

For the healthy growth of your flock, they must receive all the essential nutrients. The dried black soldier fly larvae contain 40% protein, 10% fiber, and around 3 to 4% calcium. The fat content helps provide sufficient energy; calcium supports healthy bones, and fiber helps maintain their digestive balance. 


11) Calcium Rich

The black soldier fly larvae have 50% more calcium than any other insect feed available on the market. This helps the chicken maintain healthy bones and helps the hens to lay high-quality eggs with solid shells. 


12) Recycles Food Waste

The black soldier fly larvae can eat almost anything you provide them. This means that they are super helpful in recycling the food waste that would otherwise end in waste landfills. They do not need any exceptional food, and you can feed them leftover food, rotten fruits, vegetables, leaves, etc. 


13) Increase in Active Behavior

Feeding black soldier fly larvae to your chicken significantly increases their active behaviors and time spent walking, standing, ground pecking, and foraging. As a result, the time they spend idle or resting will decrease. 


Looking for Black Soldier Fly Larvae for Your Flock?

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