Are Urban Chickens Right For You?

These days, it should come as no surprise that we ship a lot of FLYGRUBS to our AWESOME customers living in cities. Back in the day, it wasn’t typical for an urban area to have people raising chickens, but that is changing quickly. People are becoming more self-reliant, enjoying eating fresh eggs daily and raising chickens and ducks in their backyards is worthwhile! In this week’s blog, we will go over some of the key aspects of raising urban backyard chickens.
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As mentioned above fresh eggs are typically the biggest driver yet another common reason is that many families in urban areas don’t have space to raise “normal” pets, so chickens fill the void. Unlike cats and dogs, chickens don’t just consume, they also give back! It’s also great for kids to know where their food comes from. Most children think their food comes from the supermarket, so having chickens opens their eyes to how agriculture actually works, which is pretty darn cool!

Chickens also help to get rid of food waste that would otherwise end up in the landfill AND they eat up all the little insects that run around the backyard. So that helps the environment as well as one's bank account!

Are you also into urban gardening? If you raise chickens you will get free fertilizer for your flowers and veggies (the list of benefits keeps growing :-).
Before you begin you will need to understand the environment that you'll be raising your girls in. You need to give them enough space to roam, peck at everything and stretch they legs. Encouraging their natural feeding behaviors by using treats like FLYGRUBS is also something we encourage ;-)

Once your girls are no longer chicks, a balanced diet is key to healthy chickens and delicious eggs, so providing a healthy layer feed is key!  There are many brands that sell quality products but we love Scratch and Peck, the most. 

Get the coop that is suitable for your space. You can build one or buy one. They even sell coops on these days!
Letting your girls roam free is ideal but please make note of all the potential predators! We strongly suggest that you also get a chicken run so your girls stay safe while enjoying your backyard.

Make sure you understand the number of chickens your city or municipality ordinances allows before you purchase your birds. It’s typical for cities to only allow 3-5 chickens and no roosters! Know the rules before you spend your hard-earned cash!

What are the downsides? - Well, depending on your space and experience there can certainly be some, but I think that’s for another blog :-)

All the best, Emily

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