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  • Make your Girl’s eggshells stronger with 85x calcium
  • Lauric Acid boosts your Girls' immunity & helps them in molting period
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Feed this backyard chicken feed, by the handful or scatter on the ground to encourage foraging for food.


Unlike dried mealworms, FLYGRUBS act as natural chicken supplements to speed up chicken molting.


85x MORE Calcium (2-5%) than dried mealworms. Calcium supplement and healthy hen feed. Promotes happy hen eggs with stronger eggshells.

It’s Like Candies For Hens, Just Healthier.

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The sustainable + clean making of FLYGRUBS®

Verified Lowest Price Online

Have questions? We got you.

Are these mealworms?

Nope,these are substantially healthier for your girls than mealworms. FLYGRUBS are an all-natural, FDA-approved, dried Black Soldier Fly Larvae. These grubs will help your flock grow healthier feathers and lay stronger eggshells. They are high in protein and considered a superior molting supplement. The major difference between mealworms and FLYGRUBS is the calcium and phosphorus levels which play a huge part in laying high-quality eggs for your family.FLYGRUBS has 85x more calcium than mealworms to help prevent egg-binding and weak eggshells. Your girls will absorb the nutrients because BSF is the only natural insect with the optimal ratio of calcium to phosphorus for chickens. To put it simply, FLYGRUBS gives your girls more calcium than 5-7 lbs of mealworms! Forget about dusting and oyster shells. FLYGRUBS are the only treat your girls need!

My chickens are picky, what should I do?

Have no fear, your girls are going to love FLYGRUBS!

It’s very common for chickens, cats, and dogs to shy away from new treats. They are creatures of habit (kinda like us ;-). We tell our customers to give their girls about a week to adjust to the new treats and to incorporate them with their current treats and feed. Before too long your girls will be going crazy for FLYGRUBS!

What is the return policy?

We are so sure that your pets will love FLYGRUBS as much as ours do, that if you’re not satisfied we will give you your money back!

How long do they take to ship?

Upon checkout, you can choose how quickly you would like your FLYGRUBS shipped. If you choose standard shipping than it will take about 5 business days to arrive at your coop’s door.

Where do they ship from?

These ship from our fulfillment centers in the US.

How should I store FLYGRUBS?

You should store FLYGRUBS in a cool dry place. Keep the bag sealed or put them into a container with a lid. Basically you don’t want to get them wet.

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Flygrubs is a chicken food brand that caters to hobby chicken keepers, offering high-quality chicken food for their feathered friends. Our two primary products include black soldier fly (BSF) larvae and mealworms, which provide a nutritious and protein-packed diet for the chickens. These chicken food products are available in various sizes, ensuring that the hobby chicken keepers can choose the appropriate quantity for their hens. We also offer BSF larvae for pet reptiles. The products are available for purchase as a one-time purchase or as a subscription. With a focus on providing healthy and well-balanced diets for chickens, Flygrubs is an excellent choice for hobbyists who are passionate about hen keeping.