How Long Will My Hens Produce Eggs?

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We hear this a lot! Don’t worry we have you covered. Take a few minutes to read the tips in this article to ensure you will get the most out of your laying hens.

Don’t Stress It!

Laying hens start to produce eggs (generally speaking) when they are 20 to 24 weeks old. Let those beauties enjoy an ethical “henhood” (a hen’s childhood)! Protect them and provide them with love, care, and healthy food.

Basic Requirements : Balance & Nutrition

Laying hens need a constant supply of high-quality food. Their diet should consist of 16 - 20% protein as well as calcium, minerals and complex vitamins. Most reputable layer feeds should have this covered. For an extra boost, we like to add in FLYGRUBS, as a treat, because they are on average 50% protein and have at least 50X the calcium (great for strong egg shells) of mealworms.


Allow your feathered friends time to roam in the backyard and garden. These will keep their emotional stable, as well as the enjoyment they get from scratching their claws, pecking at insects, having a dust bath and rustling their feathers. Think of it as an enjoyable day in the park, for your ladies. Happy hens produce more eggs, it’s that simple.

Things to avoid!

  • Don’t stress the girls out by checking the nesting boxes too frequently.
  • Peak laying season is typically in the spring, so we suggest you don’t add new hens to the flock during this time.
  • Protect your girls from nosey children, pesky predators and pets.
  • All of the above will cause stress and decrease egg production.
  • Peace and Quiet… It’s Their job! Remember that laying eggs is the number 1 job of your lovely ladies. If you provide them with SPACE, nice CLEAN nesting boxes, and a SAFE hen house, you will be promoting healthy and productive laying habits.

So Which Breeds?

The following are the breeds that we suggest for all beginner BYC farmers. They all have a good reputation for laying high quantities of eggs.

Isa Browns, Rhode Island Reds, Australorps, Leghorns, Plymouth Rocks, Sussex, Welsummer, Wyandotte

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