High Protein Snacks YOU Forgot to Feed Your Flock

Before you dive deep into this article, please remember that their feed already contains the suggested levels of protein, for the average chicken, so don’t over do it! Pay attention to the suggested serving sizes and a good rule-of-thumb to follow is this. An extra teaspoon of protein, per chicken, per day, is enough!

Cooked Eggs

My girls love scrambled! As we all know, eggs are rich in protein. What you might not have known is that chickens love them as much, if not more than humans do. Pro tip - do not feed them raw eggs, as this may compel them to start eating their own eggs after laying them!


We are a bit bias, but we like to think of these delectable treats as the crème de la crème of

chicken treats. Just like cuckoos go crazy for Coco Puffs, your girls will go crazy for these grubs! If you want to encourage your chickens to forage, simply scatter them around the coop and backyard, and they will be gardening in no time.


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