We are very aware of the problems with pet treats imported from overseas and understand ever BYC farmer’s concern.

As Americans, we specifically chose to raise FLYGRUBS on farms in China because of its advanced methods and centuries of experience in producing insects. We would love to source FLYRGUBS from within the USA, however, this is just not possible. We can't source enough to satisfy the demand, unfortunately.

To ensure we deliver the highest quality product to our customers, we closely monitor each phase of the BSF lifecycle to ensure quality and consistency for our customers and follow strict regulatory standards, enforced by US regulatory agencies.

Please feel safe knowing that FLYGRUBS are fully USDA and FDA approved. There are very strict rules in place when it comes to importing dried black soldier fly larvae into the United States. Our suppliers are registered with the FDA and every shipment comes with certificates of origin and veterinary health certificates. This documentation needs to match the stipulations on our import permit. Otherwise, the shipment will not be allowed into the country. All of the documentation has to be checked and verified by the FDA, US CBP, and USDA, along with physical inspections and checks that are also carried out on a regular basis. We also test for MDV, AIV, and IBV. Our goal is to go the extra mile for our customers and their pets. 

We work hand in hand with our mentor, and member of the EVO ConsortiumDr. John Hu, to consistently raise healthy and high-quality larvae for our customers. We don't just sell the product, we also use it! Our chickens LOVE FLYGRUBS and we look forward to hearing about how your ladies love them too!

We strongly recommend growing your own BSF, but if you don't have the time FLYGRUBS is your next best option :-) 

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